Bennett Family Visit Burgh after 50 years

June 2014

Mick Capes with Roslyn

Mick Capes and Roslyn nee Bennett

Recently, my brother (John Bennett) took myself, my daughter and grand-daughter on a visit to Lincolnshire after,
 in my case, an absence of 50 years. I always wanted to see where I spent a large part of my younger life, from age 5 to 18.
 My daughter and grand-daughter live in Canada and I live in Syria; my brother and his wife now live in Wiltshire.  

 I spent my early life in Burgh as my parents, Bernard and Constance Bennett ran the Bell Hotel for many years.
 I went to the village school and later to Caistor and then Skegness Grammar Schools. The friends I remember in Burgh were:
 Rita Perrin, later I believe Rawlinson, and Maureen Parker who lived on Orby Road. The Bell has changed quite a bit
 since I lived there with the sheds around the car park now converted to cottages and the two bars knocked into one.

  Whilst walking around the town we called in at the Community Centre and spoke to people there.
 I mentioned the name of Michael Capes, who went to Caistor School whilst I was there,
having seen his name on a plaque in Skegness Grammar School the previous day.
 I was advised that Michael still lived in the family house in Burgh and would be delighted to see me. We were escorted up the hill, knocked on his door and were made

very welcome. I'm sure Mick wasn't sure who I was as I was three years junior to him at Caistor, the penny dropped when I mentioned The Bell.I also remember his brother Philip, younger than me, who did not enjoy
 being away from home! We had a great chat and a photo or two, thank you Michael for an enjoyable cup of tea, and I'm sorry not to have met your wife. After visiting Michael we went on to Robin Court on Wainfleet Road ;
my parents had it built for their retirement from the Bell. After a couple of years retirement they opened the Belmont Restaurant in Hogsthorpe and I moved there from France with my husband and three children. My daughter had earlier met an old school friend from Hogsthorpe, Jackie Stowe who was later to serve as a Policewoman in Burgh, so it was happy memories all round.. I would love to hear from any of my old friends from Burgh;
 email still works (most of the time) in Syria and I can be contacted on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


    Roslyn Altese, nee Bennett