depicting King George V's Coronation, Burgh Stores, Burgh Town, Railway Station,The Cattle Market and St Paul's College

1. coronation george IV triumphal arches by jabez Good

The Coronation Triumphal Arches (created by Jabez Good) June 22nd 1911

3. coronationcelebrationsmarketsquare

Celebrations of the Coronation of King George V                                                                                                          

2. coronation day of george IV at fleece inn 1911


8. Adams Chemist Shop 1920s

 Adams Chemist 1920's

9. Venables Chemist Shop 001

freeman hardy and willis


5. highstreetburghatbellhotel


10. mackindersnowburghinn

7. thebridgeburgh


11. burghcattlemarket

4. burghrailwaystation

12. st.paulscollege