Jabez Good:

barber, historian, artist, sign writer and taxidermist

Jabez Good was an eccentric character who earned respect from the people of Burgh. He achieved manyJabezGood things in his 81 years before his death in 1911. Jabez, the local barber wrote 'A Lincolnshire Glossary', in this can be found the meaning of dialect, a form of language spoken by local people.

Apart from writing, he was an artist, sign writer and taxidermist. Jabez became an accomplished wood carver and in Burgh church stands a fine example of his workmanship, a lectern which takes the form of a magnificent eagle. He carved a self portrait and entered it into the London workman's exhibition, in 1870 he was awarded a medal for this fine work. Today, his great-great nephew is the proud owner of the carving.

1857 was the year Jabez Good opened his shop, it was situated at the corner of Orby Road. The barber's chair still exists today and is owned by Burgh History Group. Next to his shop, Jabez established a museum, he collected many artefacts one of which was said to be a pair of Oliver Cromwell's boots. He decided to close the museum in 1888, a two day auction was held at the Bell Hotel but the items fetched much less than expected.

Jabez also served as the Parish Clerk. He often used his skills to help out at local events, he made a whipping post and pillory for display purposes. He also designed the triumphal arches that were erected at the East and West end of Burgh as part of the coronation celebrations for King George V and Queen Mary, on June 22nd 1911. Just three months after this he died, he was buried in Burgh church yard but it is not known exactly where he lies, sadly, his grave was unmarked.


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