Background History of Village Hall Committee

(now named The Community Complex Committee)

A Brief History of The Village Hall Committee.
During the war as well as Navy Days, and Wings for Victory Days whist drives, dances and other fund raising activities took place for a Victory Fund.
At the end of the war the plot of land on which the Village Hall stands and the adjacent field, now belonging to Mr. Ladlow, came up for sale.
  community complex collage
Part of the money accrued was spent on purchasing the field for a much needed village hall the rest was shared among home coming servicemen.
The present bowling club was already in being; it had at one time been a tennis club. A village Hall Committee came into being. To raise funds they sold the field
and kept the Village Hall plot.
Present chairman, John Panton, joined the Committee in about 1970 serving with a dynamic chairman Gordon Hotchen and his wife Joyce who was secretary.
 He was determined to over ride local politics and go ahead and get a village hall built.


 A local builder Doug Johnson got the contract and the hall was opened in 1975.
About 1980 the old primary school came up for sale. Thanks to the generosity of Mr Charlie Rawlinson who bought it to hold for the community we now have this building
A Sports Committee was formed to buy the building from Charlie but after two years they had not got anywhere.
They came to our Committee to see if we would buy the old school. After investigation to see if this would be viable, a village lottery was formed to raise funds.
There were about 400 subscribers and the monies were collected by the good services of Messrs Capes Dairies.
The committee were then able to apply for grants and 1986 the Burgh Recreation Centre was opened with various activities taking place in each of the three rooms.
In 1987 the Old School house came up for sale. Mareham-le-fen had been offered a grant from East Lindsey for a Village Hall
but they failed and the grant money became available. Thanks to Mick Capes and a Mr Muhl this grant was awarded funding the purchase this property.
 The downstairs was changed into one large room and rented off to the library service. The upstairs was initially rented off for offices and now houses the local museum.     
Gradually some activities at the Recreation Centre transferred to the Village Hall or petered out. This building became under used.
 The Sunshine Playgroup were looking for a place of their own. A Sub Committee was formed to get grants to transform the Recreation Centre.
This took place in 2007/8. The old toilet block was demolished and the tearoom built. The west classroom was made into a babies' room.
 The large classroom became a kitchen and main nursery room.
 The original infant room serves as a multi-use room together with all the necessary offices, toilets, and washrooms.
None of this could have been achieved without a great deal of voluntary effort over many years.