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The Burgh le Marsh website- as well as being a news media publishing forthcoming events and  corresponding coverage, also, importantly, illustrates Burgh’s Heritage giving an all-round Burgh Past & Present ethic.SylviaBlight

The website hasBURGH20WINDMILL20MONO202 200h also brought to public attention all the Groups and Activities the town has on offer promoting “Burgh’s social life”, and in addition  promoting tourists to Burgh by advertising the town’s visitors attractions such as the Windmill with Heritage Collection and Granary Tea Room, Windmill Restaurant, Parish Church and to the hospitality of the local public houses/hostelries - not forgetting the Community Tea Room for a cuppa and a chat.

Even the local advertisements give a good indication of the services available and are fundamental to the viability of the website.

Over the years many interesting comments and queries have come in and have been resolved with very successful results bringing alive our unseen audience.

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Insert update November 2018.

Another family history e-mail enquiry from Idaho regarding Charles George Enderby a Bootmaker in Burgh at the end of the 19th and beginning of 20th century. I am now pleased to say that following investigations a new article has been published.  We are so pleased to receive these e mails which helps to piece together Burgh history.Profile on Charles George Enderby


Over the last decade the website has brought me into contact with people from Australia, New Zealand, America and Canada as well as from England.

The most current being an enquiry from an Italian gentleman living in Switzerland asking about a friend who had lived in Burgh le Marsh over 50 years ago.  I was delighted and absolutely astonished to receive this enquiry because I had met this friend in June 2014 at the community tea room and subsequently published an article about the family visiting Burgh for the first time in 50 years.

The outcome was very successful with the two friends being put back in contact with each other.

Photograph of the friends courtsey of F. Talarico

con Jochen Uhde e John Bennett 1963 1


Elizabeth Kirby from Brisbane was a child resident at Burgh Hall in the 1950’s and has kept in touch with Margaret Clarke who was a “Mummy” at Burgh Hall Children’s Home.Elizabeth has sent in photographs and given her account of the time she was living at the Children’s Home, Burgh Hall. Elizabeth Kirby has also been featured in the Lincolnshire Life magazine.

Elizabeth Kirby at Burgh Hall Childrens Home



Liz and Les Bull from Melbourne wrote in enquiring about their ancestors who had lived in Burgh le Marsh and buried in St Peter and St. Paul’s cemetery.    My friend, Jill Shaw, has on several occasions helped with family tree research emanating from website enquiries and met Les and Liz with me on the two occasions that they came to Burgh.

Liz and Les and Ron and Kit

New Zealand
I came to know Ron & Kit and also Pixie Craig through research for Burgh W.I. who had corresponded with a New Zealand the 1950’s and after tracing the New Zealand W.I. formed E-mail pals with Kit and Pixie.  During the period of our corresponding Pixie sadly died shortly before she was due to visit England but Kit & Ron came to stay at my house and the picture here shows them having afternoon tea at Burgh W.I. reuniting the New Zealand link from all those years ago.

West Sussex

Among the website contacts is Nigel Harris who wrote into the website as follows:

My father was stationed at RAF Orby from Jan 1943 until Apr 1946, and for part of that time he was billeted at Elm Lodge, Station Road,                               Burgh. Having come across your website, I contacted the Assistant Webmaster – Sylvia Blight to ask if Elm Lodge still existed
as I was planning to visit the area. Sylvia was so helpful, and when she found out that I am writing a book on "Watermills and Corn Milling"                        she arranged for me to have a special opening  and tour of the windmill. I had a wonderful time and all those involved were so hospitable
and helpful. Burgh Le Marsh should be proud that the website acts as such an excellent ambassador for the village. I will always have pleasant memories of my visit. Thank you. Nigel Harris, West Sussex (Sat, 24 Sep 2011)

I met Nigel at Burgh Mill with John Clarke which helped Nigel with his research on the book he was writing and I was delighted when I learnt that he had included me in his Acknowledgements in his book which was published in 2014

Nigel Harris Acknowledgement


Also in 2014 I was also included with my sister Julia Naylor in Dennis Horne’s book accrediting our research on family tree for a family featured in his book.   It was back in 2005 when Dennis first wrote into the website:

“Hi, my name is Dennis Horne. I live in the state of Utah in the United States. I found your town website and have enjoyed looking over the many interesting items and pictures. You have a very quaint and attractive town that I would love to live in.

As a matter of fact, my fourth great-grandfather and his fathers as far back as our family history goes all came from Burgh le Marsh. (Joseph Horne was born in Burgh Le Marsh in 1787 and his father John in 1750--we have traced them back to 1657.) They moved to London in the late 1700s, then on to Ontario Canada and then to the U.S. in the 1840s. But I have great interest in the town where my ancestors lived so long agoand for so many years. I would dearly love to visit someday.

May I ask--are there any Horne's left in Burgh? If so, they might be very distant cousins of mine.Is there anyone or any group that would be amenable and have the time to answer an occasional emailed question or comment? I would enjoy visiting with someone who knew the history of your town
or that could tell me what life is like there--or if there are any Horne's left.

Thanks very much for your time, Dennis This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (Thu 06/01/2005)”


My friend Jill Shaw helped with Dennis’s ancestors research and Dennis’s sisters Holly and Lisa came to Burgh tracing their family heritage and stayed at my house: Holly & Lisa’s visit pictured below. We have kept in touch each Christmas with Holly sending her annual family “News Letter

2006 07 19 Holly and Lisa1


Dennis Horne Acknowledgement



Jill Shaw has helped with family tree research on several occasions including the following  from Ontario, Canada

Hello Sylvia,
The windmill is lovely.I first saw a photo of it when I originally went to the Burgh le Marsh website and wrote to you.  I had no idea that there was a personal connection to it.  I will definitely share  this information with my brother and sisters.  We have never known much about my mother's side.
 I do remember my grandmother; she was tall, slim and very much a lady.
Thank you so much for the article you wrote;  I will save it and the photograph in my genealogy database.  
best regards,
Peggy in Oakville, Ontario, Canada

The trail brought to light that the Barker side of Peggy’s family owned  Burgh windmill