Gunby Hall and Gardens owned by the National Trust.

gunby hallAt Gunby Round-about on the A158 (LIncoln to Skegness road) between Partney and Burgh le Marsh.

The Hall contains a stimulating collection including works by Sir Joshua Reynolds, Tennyson, KIpling, Samuel Johnson and William Morris.

A relaxed stroll around the 8 acre Victorian Walled Gardens will reveal hundreds of specimen plants, flowers and trees including 48 varieties of apple, 21 of pear and 50 different roses along with the Tennis Court, Croquet Lawn, Carp Pond and St.Peter's Church. Just as important is the range of scrumptious homemade cakes, scones, soups, ice creams and drinks in the Old Laundry Tea Room.

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The Hall was built by Sir Henry Massingberd in 1700 according to a dated keystone on the west doorway set in 8 acres of parkland. The courtyard leads to beautiful well kept gardens in which there is a blue gazebo.

Alfred Lord Tennyson described it as 'an English home... all things in order stored, a haunt of peace'. These are words he wrote out by hand and which now hand framed in the library.

Field-Marshal Sir Archibald Montgomery-Massingberd managed to save the mansion from being demolished during the Second World War to make way for a longer runway for the Steeping Aerodrome. The runway was needed for the Lancaster Bombers; its line was redrawn and Gunby was saved. The Hall was given to the National Trust in 1944.

National Trust Members FREE!! On special open days NT members will be asked to pay (see NT handbook)