willoughby burgh coat of arms

The coat of arms of the Earl of Ancaster used by Burgh le Marsh incorporates the names of Willoughby, Drummond and Heathcote. Lord Willoughby-de-Eresby was lord of the Manor of Barnack, a property of Captain Hardwick, land agent of to the Duke of Ancaster.

Lord Willoughby bequeathed his estates to the Duke of Ancaster in the 1700's. Barnack Lodge and Barnack Estate take their names from the old Barnack Hall.

Robert Bertie 13th Willoughby d'Ersby slew one of the Saracen leaders in the Crusade.  He was given the head of the Saracen as the family crest.  The crown now carries
4 balls as the Earldom of Ancaster has died out.  The motto: I must be trustworthy(loyal, honest)