Tribute to John Panton B.E.M. (1927-2018)

John Panton had been married to Irene for 64 years when she sadly passed away in July 2016, they had had twin sons Jonathon and David and had four grandchildren.
John had been a teacher at the Morris School from 1967-1984 and had previously taught at Burgh, Hogsthorpe and Willoughby and had also taught art at Lincoln Prison. John also did a lot of Youth work and became an officer for the National Association of Youth Clubs.
He was a Member of Skegness Sailing Club, founder member of Skegness Rugby Club and also ran the school sailing club and the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Scheme.

But John Panton was most renowned for his devoted service to Burgh le Marsh


Twice Mayor and on Burgh Town Council for over 25 years his term of office in 2007 significantly covered the advent of the Burgh Bypass and the official opening of the new recreation centre.

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03. Recreation centre

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John was a founder member of the following groups

•    Village Hall Committee
•    Heritage and history group Old Museum
•    Twinning
•    Burgh Forward Group
•    Church Tea Shop
•    Burgh Carnival
•    Twinning

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07. Collages149

•    Played accordion at village fetes etc.

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•    Art work tableaux and design of Burgh website logo

09. art

•    Art Group held everyTuesday afternoon at the Recreation Centre

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•    Father Christmas grotto.
        This was a Burgh tradition every December following the Chistdingle Service at the church. John’s garage became Father Christmas’s grotto, hot soup was served and the Burgh mayor would open the event with the arrival of Father Christmas on his sleigh.

11. Bing Wallpaper2 signing at mill

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•    Shrove Tuesday coffee morning open house : This was another tradition and known for miles around everyone and anyone was welcomed enjoying coffee and jam & cream scones. Father Terry Steele would draw the grand raffle and John would go to the church at 11.00a.m to ring the Shriving Bell
•    Daily Burgh odd jobs around the town including doing  posters and entrance  tickets on his computer

•    Church Choir

    John also received two “honours”
•     Receiving the B.E.M.nominated by Mick Capes and Frank Skelton and  being a
•    Commonwealth Games Baton runner 2002

This list (most definitely not the whole story) shows how John has instrumentally influenced Burgh as it is today and thoroughly deserved his “title” of Mr Burgh!