Burgh Library wins Children's Summer Reading Challenge 2014

                                                                               Burgh librarian Jane Wright,

                                                                             Author, Georgia Twynham

Graphic of Characters of The Thirteenth Series                                with Tarina Jones, Library Official.

thirteenthseriesgraphicJane Georgia and Tarina

Once again the children of Burgh library won the annual Summer Reading Challenge 2014 and to mark the occasion children's

author Georgia Twynham visited Burgh library and explained to the children how she became a writer.

Firstly enjoying the novels of Stephen King but being personally inspired by a "Harry Potter" book motivated her to write

her own children's books.

Georgia also brought her initial "drafts" of her first ever chapter which had many attempts before the finished article and explained

that a book doesn't get written in one attempt but re edited time after time. Georgia totally captivated her audience of

both adults and children.

Georgia with first chapter draftGeorgia with reading challenge children