Historical Drama at Burgh Mill

An unusual performance took place at Burgh Mill this weekend  produced by" Live History" from Canada.  This  theatre company visits museums all over the UK and incorporates relevant local historical detail into the story

"Robin's Redemption"  incorporated Burgh's Jabez Good.

 A loyal, wealthy member of the community has passed away. They promised to leave most of their fortune to a good cause, but in their own mysterious way. As one of their closest friends, you have been invited to attend the funeral reception. The recently deceased has sent each of you odd clues, letters and objects, and it is up to you to solve the puzzle.

However, the funeral reception is soon interrupted by Robin, who used to frequent the streets of this town, begging for change or food. Robin was often avoided by the members of the community, and eventually faded from the town’s memory. The recently deceased was the only person who understood Robin’s unique personality and views on the world. But now, you will join forces in order to find a hidden treasure,
 and set Robin free.

drama mill