Mill Festival 2018

Burgh mayor, Cllr Neil Cooper presented the winners of " Burgh in Bloom" with their certificates and also present David Poole with the Town Council's Community Service Award.

This year's Burgh in Bloom winners:

Burgh in Bloom 2018
Commercial Premises:
1st Place:
 The Fleece
Highly Commended:
 The Bell Hotel
 The Windmill, Hair Design, The Red Lion
Best Residential Hanging Baskets`
1st Place:
 Mr & Mrs. M. Bullock- 2 Kenneth Avenue
Highly Commended:
Mr. M. Short 3 Wildshed Lane
Mr. & Mrs. B. Harrison 20, Beaumont Close,
Ms. T. Bradley Flat 3 Brewery Street
Best Residential Gardens
1st Place:
 Ms. K. Garrad 6, Brewery Street
Highly Commended:
Mr. I. & Mrs. B. Rutherford 33, Ingoldmells Road
Mr & Mrs Good, 34, The Causeway, Mr & Mrs Wattam, 32, Chapman Avenue
Mr & Mrs Crawford, 89, High Street Mr. & Mrs. B. Harrison, 20, Beaumont Close

mill festival 2018

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Methodist Flower Festival 2018

Themed "Seasons"

flower festival 20188

flower festival 20181

flower festival 20182

flower festival 20183


flower festival 20184


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flower festival 20186


Live History at Burgh Mill

Friday 15th and Saturday 16th June

Live History is a theatre company that specializes in bringing local history to life. The shows take audiences on a one hour adventure through time.The Audience, all given names of local historical characters, interacts with the actors of the theatre company assisting them in solving clues relating to the subject of the drama.
 As the drama was set at a wedding the audience being the wedding guests enjoyed the wedding reception refreshments.

The company visited Burgh Mill on Friday and Saturday where they gave two performances of the drama and gave workshops to the Richmond school children and also to the pupils of Burgh's  St Peter & St Paul's primary school.

2018 06

2018 061



Tribute to John Panton B.E.M. (1927-2018)

John Panton had been married to Irene for 64 years when she sadly passed away in July 2016, they had had twin sons Jonathon and David and had four grandchildren.
John had been a teacher at the Morris School from 1967-1984 and had previously taught at Burgh, Hogsthorpe and Willoughby and had also taught art at Lincoln Prison. John also did a lot of Youth work and became an officer for the National Association of Youth Clubs.
He was a Member of Skegness Sailing Club, founder member of Skegness Rugby Club and also ran the school sailing club and the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Scheme.

But John Panton was most renowned for his devoted service to Burgh le Marsh


Twice Mayor and on Burgh Town Council for over 25 years his term of office in 2007 significantly covered the advent of the Burgh Bypass and the official opening of the new recreation centre.

01.2007 7 71

02.2007 10 25

03. Recreation centre

04. 2004.066


John was a founder member of the following groups

•    Village Hall Committee
•    Heritage and history group Old Museum
•    Twinning
•    Burgh Forward Group
•    Church Tea Shop
•    Burgh Carnival
•    Twinning

05. 2008.129

06. 2008.1210

07. Collages149

•    Played accordion at village fetes etc.

08.2006 06 28 burgh in bloom 20061

•    Art work tableaux and design of Burgh website logo

09. art

•    Art Group held everyTuesday afternoon at the Recreation Centre

10.2007 12 152


•    Father Christmas grotto.
        This was a Burgh tradition every December following the Chistdingle Service at the church. John’s garage became Father Christmas’s grotto, hot soup was served and the Burgh mayor would open the event with the arrival of Father Christmas on his sleigh.

11. Bing Wallpaper2 signing at mill

13.john 90 at t shop1

14.2005 11 21 Bakewell and chatsworth


15.New folder21

16.2008 multi1

17.skelton slides part 21


•    Shrove Tuesday coffee morning open house : This was another tradition and known for miles around everyone and anyone was welcomed enjoying coffee and jam & cream scones. Father Terry Steele would draw the grand raffle and John would go to the church at 11.00a.m to ring the Shriving Bell
•    Daily Burgh odd jobs around the town including doing  posters and entrance  tickets on his computer

•    Church Choir

    John also received two “honours”
•     Receiving the B.E.M.nominated by Mick Capes and Frank Skelton and  being a
•    Commonwealth Games Baton runner 2002

This list (most definitely not the whole story) shows how John has instrumentally influenced Burgh as it is today and thoroughly deserved his “title” of Mr Burgh!


30th Twinning Anniversary Visit

This weekend commencing Thursday 11th May our Twinning Visitors from Beaumont sur Sarthe arrived on schedule at 5.p.m. and had a welcome reception at the Community Hub.

2018 05132018 0514
Friday was free time with their host families and Saturday afternoon the group enjoyed a cream tea at the Heritage Centre. Twin commemorative plaques were presented to mark the special 30th Anniversary with an evening meal and morris dancing at Batemans Brewery Wainfleet.

2018 0515

Images kindly supplied by Neil Cooper

2018 0516

Images kindly supplied by Neil Cooper

2018 0517



BBC Antiques Road Trip Comes to Burgh le Marsh

images & report kindly supplied by Anthony Boulton and Eileen Chantry
2018 0511

TV crews were in Burgh on Bank holiday Sunday to film for the Antiques Road Trip with TV personalities Philip Serrell and newcomer to the road trip Louise  Gostello, as they visited the Burgh Antique and Collectables Centre.
Having stopped overnight in Lincoln, they travelled the 40 miles in a bright red, open topped, Jaguar XJS Convertible car, travelling through the picturesque Lincolnshire Wolds arriving in Burgh around 10am  and parked in the centre  before being photographed with the classic sports car, in front of the Fleece Public House, prior to commencing the Road Trip.
They were accompanied by a team of six others, comprising of two Cameramen, a Producer and his assistant, a Runner and Classic Car specialist who was there to make sure that the car didn’t misbehave.
On entering the Antique Collectables Centre they were greeted by George, and Iris Millington and Cathy Wright who had come to assist by locking, and unlocking, the Cabinets.
The whole visit took approximately four hours, as the Presenters had to do several takes until the Producer was happy with the finished product.
Philip Serrell then went on to Skegness to meet the Town Crier, and Louise Gostello took the classic car on to her next stop in Mablethorpe.
Whilst the Team were in Burgh le Marsh they visited the Windmill and photographed it and St Peter and Paul’s Church, which has been having repairs to its roof, and has only just re-opened for regular Services again.
Both Philip Serrell and Louise Gostello said they were impressed by their visit to the Antique and Collectors Centre, and they made several purchases.
The ‘Antiques Road Trip’ showing Burgh le Marsh, is due to be shown sometime this October.


The Antiques Road Trip also included a visit to Skegness and Mablethorpe images have kindly been supplied by Skegness Town Crier Steve O'dare and The Mablethorpe Photo Album:

april 20188

april 20187

The Old Curiosity Museum  is run by a local family who also run Sues Curios collectables and gifts a few doors down

Burgh Antiques and Collectables

is a true delight packed to the rafters with fascinating pieces a MUST to visit.

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Preparations for this year's Burgh in Bloom

2018 Burgh in Bloom pdf

Burgh received a Silver Award in 2017 in the East Midlands competion and volunteers are needed for this year's competition Please see details on PDF link.

Burgh Mayor's Civic Service at Burgh Methodist Church Sunday 29th April

The service was opened by Methodist lay preacher Doreen Horn (standing in for Methodist Pastor Keith Locke who is on holiday) welcomimg everyone to this celebration of service to the community.

Mayor, Cllr. Neil Cooper and ex Cllr. Paul Sykes gave the readings,Baptist Pastor, Colin Bowden gave the sermon and Father Terry Steel conducted the Prayers of Intercession.

The reception followed at Burgh Baptist Church concluding the Civic occasion.

april 20185

May Mayor3

april 20186

Saturday 14th April Official Opening of Community Hub

april 2018

On Saturday 14th April mayor, Cllr. Neil Cooper officially opened the new Burgh le Marsh Community Hub with special guest, author, Margaret Dickinson.
Cllr Neil Cooper explained all the preparation and the financing of the Hub and expressed his thanks to all involved
and to the library volunteers as did Margaret Dickinson in her speech also saying that the new hub was
a wonderful facility. Library Volunteer Manager, Julie Peach,said the vounteers are delighted with their new venue
 and also thanked her team of volunteers.
This was followed by the official unveiling of the plaque by Margaret Dickinson who was then presented with flowers.

april 20182

 a personal book signing session followed  and visitors enjoyed refreshments.As part of the occasion the library held a competition posing the question of how many removalboxes were required to transfer the books to the new building.

april 20181
 The answer was 152 boxes  and the two nearest answers were given by Chris Bassord and Tracey Wilkinson who both received library hessian bags.
The event was very well attented and a wonderful start to the new Hub.

april 20183

Preview of Burgh Library Community Hub

Opening Tuesday 20th February 2p.m.

at new location of Tinkers Green

Opening Times:

Tues: 2p.m. - 5.p.m.

Thurs 10.00 a.m - 1.00p.m

Sat. 10.00 a.m - 1.00p.m

2018 02


2018 021

Santa's Visit at Mill - 9th December

with East Midlands in Bloom Presentations

SAM 2060

Presentations were made by mayor, Cllr. Neil Cooper, to this year's special awards by East Midlands in Bloom; the Frank Constable MBE award for best residential garden went to Mr & Mrs Rutherford of 33 Ingoldmells Road, the Hoel/Pub Garden Display awarded to The Bell Hotel and The judges award for Window Dressing went to the Spar and members of the Monday Club for the displays in the vacant shop premises windows.

santa 2017

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santa visit

santa visit awards

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Thursday 30th November

Snowy Delivery Day for the new Town Council and Library premises

Wonderful progress from scratch to 2 modules errected within just over 2 hours (3rd delivery truck imminent as at 11.45a.m.)

1st delivery truck leaving the site.
1st delivery truck of the 1st module

delivery of new build

delivery of new build1

delivery of new build2

Arrival of 2nd delivery truck
2nd delivery truck's 2nd module

delivery of new build3

delivery of new build4

 Saturday 2nd December 3rd module now installed

SAM 2014