Matthew Parnell

A local young man who has sent in his photographs of mushrooms he has found in an around the Gunby area

Bay BoleteBoletus Badius edible mushroom





















Porcelain Fungus - Oudemansiella Mucida edible...Shaggy Ink Cap  - Coprinus Comatus edible....Field Blewwit

Lepista Saeva edible


The Horse Mushroom-Agaricus Avensis edible and The Common Stink Horn-Phallus Impudicus foul smelling but not poisonous





















Shaggy Parasol-Chlorophyl Rhacodes

The shaggy parasol is popularly praised as a choice edible mushroom. However, it contains toxins which can cause gastric upsets when eaten raw or undercooked, and some individuals show a strong allergic response even after cooking.
Furthermore, young shaggy parasols look identical to the poisonous Chlorophyllum molybdites (the mushroom that causes the most poisonings in North America yearly).
 Checking the spore print is essential as C. molybdites' print is green (older specimens have slightly green gills). As a result, this mushroom is not recommended for inexperienced hunters.