Wetland Nature Reserve created by Jim Dodsworth - May 2009

Local Burgh resident Jim Dodsworth has created an area of 72 hectares of his land at Pine Trees Leisure Park into a wetland nature reserve, creating a home for threatened birds including lapwing, avocets and redshanks as well as burrows for kingfishers and sandmartins to nest and breed in; which was officially opened on Sunday 17 th May 2009

  Roger Wardle, Senior Advisor for the Lincolnshire Farming and Wildlife Advisory Group designed the scheme said
 “I am very pleased that we have been able to recreate such an important new area for declining species to
once again breed as in times gone by.”

Natural England 's Team Leader for the area, Dean Kirkland said “The creation of the wetland reserve has already been  very successful attracting some of the highest numbers of wading birds and wildfowl anywhere in the country. It will give local people somewhere to find out about the important wildlife on their own doorsteps, and attract more visitors to the Lincolnshire Coast . We hope it will become an example of exactly what can be achieved  when we work together with the farmers to benefit both wildlife and local communities.

birds of middlemarsh

Rescued bittern dodsworths wetlands

Above: Rescued Bittern Images courtesey of Simon Dodsworth     Below:  Official opening of the Wetlands May 2009

Middlemarsh Wetlands

Wetlands Official opening may 2009