About Us: From the Community - for the Community of Burgh le Marsh

Thank you to the members of the Burgh le Marsh Town Council in 2000 for their support and generosity in launching the Burgh le Marsh Website.

The Burgh le Marsh Website seeks to promote the community of Burgh le Marsh. It is financed primarily by the businesses in and around the town. The Webmaster thanks all the businesses and organisations who have contributed to the project.

If your business, organisation or club would like a place on this site them please e-mail: Webmaster for details. Please note that voluntary organisations have space at £10.00 per year contribution to this Community project.

The Webmaster thanks Barry & Jenny Robinson for encouragement and help in the creation of this site. Barry initially developed www.cherrywillingham.org.uk Thanks also to Kev. Cooper for encouragement, help and technical support.

In Burgh le Marsh many people have been very helpful by way of support, encouragement and practical help.

We particularly thank:

Eileen Chantry who wrote and put together the 'Focus on Burgh' booklet.

John Panton BEM for the drawing of the Windmill which is used as the Burgh le Marsh Website logo;

Joyce Seabrook for further resource material;

Pete Read (family butcher now retired), the first to register, for his support and encouragement;

Peter Rushton now retired (Raise Bakery) for his honest comments and very helpful ideas and

Jim Jamieson for his encouragement, proof reading and support.

A special thanks to Sylvia Blight who helps to keep the Burgh le Marsh Website up to date with current news.