Burgh's Recent History

Charles Rawlinson secured the Recreation Centre for Burgh

Photographs (and text) supplied by kind permission of John Panton who came across them whilst clearing his loft.                                                                                  

Judges with Council group

Charles Rawlinson and group

 Burgh applied for the Village Venture Award which we received. Three judges came. In the centre is John Panton 

(Chairman of Village Hall & recreation Centre) Mick Capes to his left Leader of E.L.D.C.

This is a rather significant photograph. If it wasn't for Mr Charlie Rawlinson there would be no nursery school. tea room, museum, library or multi use room today.

When the old primary school came up for sale, Charlie purchased it to retain for the people of Burgh, otherwise doubtless the site would have been bought by developers. A committee under Alan Stanbra (centre at the table) was formed to raise funds to acquire the premises.

After two years they were unsuccessful and so the Village Hall Committee was approached. After investigations how the premises could be used the Committee set about getting funds and were able to purchase the premises for the people of Burgh in 1985.

This is the official opening after it had been in use by various clubs and societies for some time. Charlie is holding
the plaque with his wife at the table. Also at the table was John Atkinson, Alan Stanbra, Mr Muhl (ELDC) responsible for grants and a representative from W.R.E.N.