History of Burgh House 

Capes Family Home

plans of burgh house

 Records of Burgh House date back to 1797 when the executors of John Chapman,Surgeon deceased who had originally had the house built,
sold the property to William Cooke of Burgh and upon his death on the 6 th August 1831 the house passed down to his son also a William Cooke. William Cooke Jnr died thirteen years later in 1844 but his wife Margaret Cooke (formerly Martha Holland of Carrington) survived him and continued living there with her four children, three of whom died within the following two years.

The remaining daughter Mary Elizabeth Cooke married Smith William Stephen Hurrell.

Her mother, Martha , widow of William Cooke Jnr,  remarried to Sir George William Crauford, owner of Burgh Hall, on 3 rd May 1849.

burgh house as hotel carlton

Ownership of BurghHouse remained between Sir G.W. Crauford, Martha and Smith William Stephen Hurrell and his wife Mary (the only surviving child of William Cooke Jnr) until 6 th April 1858 when the property was transferred to Anthony Portington of Alford until 11 th October 1858 when Anthony Portington sold Burgh House to widow, Charlotte Grantham of Spilsby who lived there with her three spinster daughters.

They operated it as a temperance hotel by the name of the Carlton Hotel. It remained as an hotel until 1912.


1. burgh house emporium



On 11 th October 1912 the property was sold to Mr Frederick William Capes of Burgh, (Grocer and Draper) who converted it into a large store selling day to day necessities but specialising in shoes and boots.

 In 1953 it was converted back into a family home by Cyril George Capes and is owned and still lived in by the Capes family today.