A meeting of Burgh le Marsh Town Council, on 25th July 2017.

TUESDAY 25th July 2017 - 7.00 pm

Wesley Community Room,

Burgh Methodist Church, Jackson’s Lane

Burgh le Marsh


1.   To elect new Chairman.

2.   Apologies

3.   Public Session, including reports from Representatives to Outside Bodies.

4.     Chairman’s remarks

5.     Pursuant to The Localism Act 2011,

a.    To receive declarations of interest in accordance with the act; and

b.   To consider requests for dispensation.

6.    To approve the notes of the meetings of 26 May 2017 (Extraordinary), 27th June 2017 (Ordinary) and 4th July 2017 ( 2, Extraordinary) and, by so doing, resolve that they be adopted as minutes. (To be sent under separate cover)

7. To review the Action Sheet Schedule of outstanding tasks. (See attached schedule.)

8. To receive the monthly Financial Report and subsequently to resolve:

a.    Approve schedule of payments to be made – see attached report

b.      Note the current financial position and future commitments.

c.       To designate two Councillors to sign cheques for payments on report schedule.

d.      To resolve updating bank signatory authorisations as appropriate.

e.       To delegate authority of expenditure to the Clerk and Chairman to pay properly due wages and accounts in August 2017.

10. Correspondence.

a.       To note general correspondence, as per Schedule A.

b.      To deal with correspondence, as per Schedule B,


11. To consider other communications and engagements, including upcoming public engagements and flag event days for future dates.

12.To consider the current office in terms of: (To be sent under separate cover)

a.     ELDC’s terms for sale of the current building including public toilets

b.     i) Refurbishment of floor to improve marketability and ii) disposal of chairs.

13.To review the New Council Chambers project at Tinkers Green.

a.      Review the working party contractors / supplier recommendations (see attached report)

b.      Review planning application permissions

c.       Application for loan (Clerk’s report to follow)

d.      Review Schedule of works.

e.       To consider letter of advice to residents.

14. To receive and consider reports and minutes of committees as follows:

(To be sent under separate cover)

a.      To approve the notes of the Finance Committee meeting held on 18th July 2017

b.      To consider the recommendations of the Finance Committee minutes of 18 July 2017.

c.       To consider the minutes of the Planning Committee meeting of 6 June 2017.